Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer break second stop: Hong Kong day 4

My 4th days summer trip, I still at Hong Kong. After visit Ngong Ping 360 for Giant Buddha, Lantau Islands drop by Disneyland main entry and shopping at Citygate Outlet right next to Chung Tung MRT Station. Today is the time visit Hong Kong Islands, target my shopping list for friends and my self.

Giant Buddha

Disneyland main entry

Disneyland MRT station

Do make it the journey more meaning full of old style life of Hong Kong, I decided take "Star Ferry" cross the Victoria Harbour from Kowloon to Central. The first place visit is the stores on my shopping list.

Star Ferry

Unfortunately, my timing is in rush, I only get visit few store, mostly all brands on my shopping list is not on sale, Meaning that Mr L's Agnes b bag, Ms J's Marc Jacobs bag will be hopeless to own it.

People always said: "if you never drop by "The Peak", than will be a lost for visit Hong Kong", because of that, I make my late afternoon free for this place.

Wall decoration at Tram Station

While I arrive Peak Tram Station, a long lining of tourists waiting for rushing going up to the top of hill before sunset, so lucky that I only spending half an hour get in to the tram and reach to The Peak before dark.

The Peak Tower

It is a better way to enjoy the nice Victoria Harbour skyline without tired standing on the roof by spending a bit more having a dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant located on top level of Peak Tower. With nice foods and view, I think RM165 for 3 persons is really good deal.

Enjoying the foods and view

Late afternoon and...

...Early evening Victoria Harbour skyline

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer break second stop: Hong Kong

While I arrive Hong Kong on my third days summer holiday, the YMCA hotel that I stay has no internet connection. Damn! I went to the reception asking for it, they told me I need to pay HK15 (RM7.50) per half an hour. Gosh! I prefer use that amount for food better than spending on half an hour connection.

Hot and hot summer

Sale begin...

Hong Kong is a haven for shopping, the grand summer sale only starting on July, when I arrive, some of the store already starting give shopaholic a "warm up " sale.

I am in rush, miss it this store...damn!

Central Hong Kong

H&M, one of the place lost my control...

Outlet store is here and there in Hong Kong, you need walk up and down tired to find it, but now you can visit the all the outlet stores under one roof. Citygate Outlet right next to Tung Chung MRT Station which make my credit card out from my wallet.

Full shopping bag on hand, walk out from the mall...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer break first stop: Shenzhen

Finally I got back my internet connection at my hotel room. I been delayed my posting for my blog. Goodness!

The flight took almost 4 hours landing at Shenzhen Airport by 8.40pm, after all the check point, I thought maybe we will arrive at our hotel room before 9.30pm. But unfortunately, the heavy traffic in highway making delayed almost half an hour more to get in the city centre, lucky the food place at Shenzhen some opening business until 1am, which mean we can filling up without worries before going to bed.

I paid RM93 for room with shower room in tube design, really fancy...

Second day, we went to this sky restaurant at 49 floor having our first breakfast "Dim Sim Buffet" with great skyline view above the city. When time to pay the bill, the amount is really make me crazy, buffet with skyline view only cost RM90 for 3 persons.

Skyline view from 49 floor sky restaurant

The decoration is really "colourful"...

Eat all you can...

Summer in Shenzhen is really hot temperature, in 33c specially afternoon time, is even hotter the city I live and work. So, I get sun burn during visit the "Shenzhen Window of the World"...

Tomorrow, we will move to another city which is Hong Kong, one of the high living cost for foods. I guess I will miss the food price in Shenzhen.

Here we are...

Hot, hot, hot 33c

Did I tell you that I am at Paris, France?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Summer" long break

I am going off a week for my "Summer" long break starting on tomorrow. For my own trip usually will go for backpacker, but this time with parents along, means no more budget hostel on this trip. To finding a good room at good location with good deal in high living cost city is not easy, took me lots of time on cost planning...

On my trip, specially travelling in metropolitan cities, of course I will not miss out one of important activities... its right, shopping. I already got a shopping check list from friends before starting my journey.

Here the shopping check list:

Mr L: Coach leather bag (if really cheap price), Agnes b bag (if below RM400).

Miss J: Marc Jacobs bag (if really super cheap price) & special item (if they carry the stock), H&M bag, H&M bikini (sorry, can't help you)

Mr A: Gift for July special. (yes, i will find something can't get it in the city we live)

My self: Everything nice in H&M (I am really crazy about it), Bag in super brand (if I am lucky get 60% off), Gift for July special (don't worry, not bikini)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ole Ole Bali

After 78 cents increasing for petrol, I need to reducing my spending plan of the coming month. Of course, I still keeping my living style, going for fancy restaurant hang-out with friend, shopping for my wardrobe, going for trip seeing the world, but everything I spending now will be more careful and controlling, which means I only going for good deals, discounts and vouchers...

Last weekend, I found a place in Sunway Pyramid mall with fancy, stylish, nice food and most important is big portion which order one dish sharing two person. (I mean if you don't mind to sharing.)

Outdoor and indoor tables, which one you prefer?

Strongly Bali atmosphere...

Ole Ole Bali, its the name of the place with full of Bali atmosphere around it, relaxing Balinese music with lots of paintings and handicrafts decorated the space. The house cooling drink: Iced Barley Lime, make me refresh my mind going back to last long break. Yes, I still miss it the two weeks in Bali...

Mostly people don't like to sitting here because the harder wood flooring, but I do love it...

We had order a Squid Salad and Nasi Campur Ole Ole for dinner, on first I thought might not enough for two of us, after the foods arrive on our table, the big portion of dishes is really impress me.

Spending a wonderful night with fancy environment and nice foods only paid RM65 (USD20), I think is really good deal in this "prices increasing" 2008.

The house cooling drink: Iced Barley Lime

Nasi Campur Ole Ole in huge portion

Squid Salad, spicy and sour taste really refreshing...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I starting love photography when I was study at college for design and art, I like capture beautiful things around my life. During my study time, SLR camera is super extreme expensive for poor student like me, I need to sharing camera with classmate when doing project for photography classes.

Thank for the new technology making human getting easy and more affordable, I own it my first semi-pro digital camera after working many years, the camera is one of my investment on that time, which only use it when I need it.

Latest on I getting even more crazy on shooting after got my camera mobile phone, because the smaller size and easy carry on my pocket, so I took pictures whatever beautiful places I been, peoples I met or even foods I bite.

Friends of mine which having a bite with me said I am getting more like Japanese tourist and a bit self lost control on taken foods pictures. Of course I didn't denied it what they said, I am a bit photoholic beside shopaholic. But trust me, I know control my self.

I love took sunset shots, I really don't know why...

Kuta beach. My first Bali trip

Langkawi island. Took it I was feel sad about my relationship during the trip...

Lang Tengah island. Never trying driving so many hours for my trip

Took it when I was in jacuzzi pool at my place

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Very Leggy Summer

Shorts is one of the item must have in Summer or even day-life must wear in topical weather city that I living now. I love wearing shorts during the weekend, some friend of mine said shorts sometime is too casual to wear walking at the mall specially the brands store, but in my opinion which brands store will care what you wearing, they mostly care how much money from your pocket will spending on their products only.

This year, designers has make the shorts more tiny and shorter for man and women, of course its no problem for women or metrosexual guy, but for those old minder man who wearing shorts in baggy style and length over the knee since they born, its really hard for them...

Below this few guidelines will help you choose the right shorts for your own style:

On Fit: Treat your shorts the way you treat your pants, If you wear baggy pants, get baggy shorts. If you prefer fitted, it follows, pick a trimmer style. Then again, try not to be seduced by the loose looks on the model-clerks at Abercrombie. Those guys are muscular, with big, beefy legs, but if you don’t have muscular legs, your legs will look like two little toothpicks.

On Length: If you have any insecurities, go with a longer look, like just above the knee. Longer than that and you enter “Euro-cute Capri-pant” territory. And beware of the other extreme: “Maybe an inch or two above the knee.”

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Melaka short break: Running with "The Others"

We back to the historic town around 11.30pm after Wan Yee's vintage wedding dinner. Night in Melaka is wet and cold, Jonker Walk is getting less happening in raining, so we decided hang-up at the Geographer Cafe which few block away from our sleeping place.

Jonker Walk at 11.30

Geographer Cafe

Geographer Cafe is tourist hot spots in old Melaka town, live band music with some East and West dancing all night. is truly a relaxing place after long day journal.

Live music with dancing king and queen...

While we enjoying the music, the rain drop getting heavy again, make us have no choice move up to the top floor get some drinks and hang up a while.

Cheers up for our night...

The rain still dropping after an hour, our eyes is getting tired, we make a choice running back to sleeping place under the rain. In the middle going back, friend of mine which have "special vision" walk behind us saw "The Others" running behind us but in front of him, non of us know that have "someone" following us until the picture came out from this "special vision" friend camera...

Raining still continues...

"The Others" behind my friends wearing white shirts...

Vintage wedding in Muar

5.30pm, we suppose meet up someone from Muar which be our direction guide for going to the wedding dinner. Unfortunately, traffic jam in historic town still go on, took us more than 45 minute to leaving the Jonker Walk. Because we late for almost an hour, the "direction guy" really can't wait for us anymore, so we have continues our journal without map.

Night is fall, I am getting worry on our long journal to Muar, non of us been there before, we need to pay attention on road sign which the only hope that can bring us arrive the place, but thank god we found the location after an hour driving.

To make Wan Yee's wedding night even more vintage feel, me and Jemy really dress up like oldies for her big night, is really fun and new for me that having a theme which not much people will do on Chinese wedding dinner. Lets go back to the 1930's...

Big night for Dom and Wan Yee

Kissing the bride. Dom, please forgive me...

Wan Yee & Jemy...

Very "dramatic" couple

We look like in movie of Shanghai Moon...

Girl who got the flower will be the next bride...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Melaka short break: Late lunch in rushing

After finish setting down our luggage in sleeping place, we only have one of half hour left for us rushing bite our "late lunch" before continues driving to Muar attended my friend wedding dinner at evening.

Jonker 88. full of people...

We walk down at Jonker Walk found this old cafe shop named "Jonker 88" which one of the famous Cendol stall located not far away from Number Twenty Guesthouse. This shop is famous for its environment which decorated by plenty of archeology artifacts displayed on the wall display.

Some collection of of archeology artifacts

Because the limited timing, so we can't really enjoy the atmosphere of old historic Chinese Baba house, It is my first time having rushing bite in my short break holiday, which I never thought about it before...

Our late lunch

Rushing to finish it before the next party...

Andy's lunch: Baba style curry chicken with rice

Me & Jemy's lunch: Melaka asam laksa

Jonker 88 famous: Cendols