Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ang Pao victim

During Chinese New Year, the most I hate about this festival season is the question and answers when receiving the Ang Pao...

when you will get someone and begin a family?
I still want enjoying the freedom and see the world more... ( I knew that answer will make more questions)

XXX: But you are getting older, should find someone...
Me: So, in your mind, get someone into marriage, begin a family with kids only that my life will be perfect?... ( I knew this will never end)

XXX: Shame on you, 34 old guy still receiving Ang Pao...
Me: Thank you for your remind, I am clearly know that how old am I. But I didn't asking you for the Ang Pao with the pity litter cash... ( I hope this question answer will end )

XXX: The Ang Pao is a sign of good luck, if I don't giving you I might get bad luck for whole year... ( I am really feel tired on this subject. Fine, giving to me and get off)

Five minute later, another person asking a same questions again when giving Ang Pao....F**K!


paul bavo said...

happy CNY :-)


Yenny said...


這樣的問題,我早在幾年前已經開始被人家問了... 更爛的是,一直說“如果你好命,早就當了媽媽了~~”


calgraden said...

Paul: Hi there, thinks for drop by.

Yenny: I am totally agree your point...sigh! Get pointing by those "好命" 家人. This year is much hurt than last time...

lcfu said...

hahaha, thats a common question ya! one good way to avoid this happen again, go travelling during cny =)