Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday is really not my day, I was workout at the gym, by the time I am walk back to my locker, unlock it and found my wallet and cell phone been stolen by someone unknown. Lucky that the car key still remain inside the locker, if not I will really in big lost.

First thing, I told my self don't panic, I went to the gym club office report to them about the lost, than make few call to the banks to blocking all the ATM and credit cards. After that, went to police station make a identities lost reports. The police officer told me that's lot of number stolen cases happening in this gym club has been report...Gosh!

After all, I really lost my mood to continues workout, I just pack and walk back to my car. F**k! The car park ticket is lost as well with the wallet, by no choice, I told the parking officer and show them the police report. Many thanks for kindness of them, they let me free from the car park without paying.

Until now i still can remember the feeling of hopeless without identities, money and phone number alone outside there...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes shits happen.

Well hope you're alright then :)

ccc said...

So sorry to hear that. :(

Dezmond said...

that's pretty bad.. hope things get right soon.. ;)