Thursday, January 1, 2009

Party season

I am spending my Christmas holiday at Singapore in really budget way, thanks for some sponsor meals and place stay from friend of mine Mr E and his kindness friend, they really make me feel warm like home.

Since I will having the coming summer holiday at Hong Kong again on June, I am not really into mood shopping a lot at Singapore this time, I feel that Singapore still can't replace the name of shopping haven from Hong Kong. Every night I am watching the local TV news, its always report about their economy in negative growth and increasing of jobless, but I get shock that the peoples still line up waiting to enter the first line brand's store at Orchard Road, seem like nothing is effective for them to spending.

St James Power Station

Party is one of the reason I am visit Singapore. Because on that, Mr E have no choice to joining me for the Christmas night at St James Power Station, the location is just across the road from Vivo City shopping mall. I have to said the best part of the clubs in Singapore was all in non-smoking area that we can dance "healthy way" whole night. The Christmas surprise on the night that I met a friend from KL who get knew during the trip at Krabi, such a small world.

After all, I back to work, new year countdown for me seem not so fancy anymore since the age start with "3 something". This time I choose spending with someone in "peaceful way" by hang out at La Bodega Spanish cuisine restaurant at Pavillion Mall to welcome the year of 2009 with love and joys.

My new year eve dining

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