Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Replacement day

I really can't sleep well after the stolen case, can't figure out how much I will pay for those replacement fees to get it back all the lost. I woke up early and rush back to police station to stamping the lost report, a normal process cost me RM2.00. Fine! I paid it.

Than I cross the street walk into bank asking for ATM card replacement, the bank officer said I have do pay RM12.00 for the card even is stolen case with the police report...Damn!

By no choice, I paid for the card and continues into Maxis center to get it back my cell phone SIM card. Lucky that I can get back my number and credit balance, but cost me RM10. If I knew that, I will switch to Digi, because they don't asking paying for those stolen case.

After all, I went to the identities office to report my ID card. Finally the police report helping me saving RM30.00 because on stolen case, but driving license cost RM20.00 plus RM8.00 for photo...Gosh!

Plus my house access card, I am total spending about RM72 for replacement processing fees to get back all the document and cards.

1 comment:

Yien said...

Total RM72.00 is a small amount for you to do the replacement.
But you have to spend your time to settle the problem.
Be alert next time, suggest try to do gym/exercise at home instead of at gym club.