Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Febuary 14

In some reasons, I become uninvited and be alone in this Valentine's Day. Friends of mine avoid me to stay at home, because out there is full of couples with lots passions of love, they worry that I will feel sad after saw it.

Honestly, I feel a bit unhappy that I get invited become uninvited, but after thinking much deeper about it, I told my self is not a bad thing being alone in this special day with my gym training, had BigMac for Valentine's dinner by my self and clubbing dance with strangers. Because, I totally understand that I can't force someone or my self on sudden things, sometime being easy going is good for everyone.

Valentine's clubbing place

Valentine's dinner set

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Anonymous said...

sometimes its good to spend it with family too..

I spent with my family this year and I told my parents: happy valentine's day and it supposed to mean them as they are supposed we love the most :)