Monday, February 9, 2009

New toys

I am not a fans of gadgets, not really know about the latest model until I need get a replacement mobile phone for the lost few weeks ago. My next ideal mobile phone I want it in more functionable which able to entertainment me anytime I needed. After all, Iphone is keep playing in my mind, but the price stop it me fancy about this phone, because I will never spending more than RM2000 for a phone.

Went to Sony Ericsson check out the latest model's X1, get fainted after found out the price, is totally over my budget and even expensive than Iphone. Than, I thought maybe check out some Korean brands, hoping will get some good deal. Again, fainted walk out from the store.

Finally, I went to the Nokia store with a bit hopeless mood. While checking and searching, I saw this latest model's 5800 with price tag RM1499, I told my self that's must be a mistake on the tag, can't believe a new model functionable phone selling in this impressive price. After double confirm with the salesman, my mind told me, that's my ideal phone... As a smart consumer, I went for few more Nokia's dealer store to compare the price and paying RM1360 to own it my latest new toys.

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