Monday, March 30, 2009

Hidden hanging club of California Fitness at Lot 10

Guess what is this place? Art gallery, museum or exhibition house? Let me tell you the answer, this place is new California Fitness club located at rooftop of Lot 10 malls. Maybe I can call it as "hidden hanging club", because California Fitness didn't well preparing for the grand opening, no any direction sign from ground floor to the rooftop, they only set up some promotion to get more new members. Yes, new members for them is more important than anything, for those first time visitor, they might get lost in between the car park floors.

After "hiking" up to the rooftop, I feel really warm and hot, guess might save my time for warming up before starting gym. The first impression on the lookout of this "hidden" club is:"wow" such a very modern and minimalism style design place with garden walkway, but after I step in the club, I really get shock on the inside with very limited space, beside the studio and changing room, everywhere in the club is small.

For secure the member's expensive stuffs, all the California Fitness clubs has putting up some locker with CCTV outside the towel counter after reporting some break in stolen cases. Of cause I am one of the victim for those lost, I am very unhappy for the locker with CCTV at Lot 10 club, is smallest than other clubs which can't even putting stuff such like laptop or whatever bigger that A4 size.

When I starting my workout at the free weight zone, because on the small space, I am so worry that someone dumbbell beside me might falling to my head or body, I can't even got more space for the workout move. So basically, Lot 10 California Fitness club is not a good choice for those free weight fans. After all, I still miss the old location at Menara Standard Chartered...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jungle reward

My new watch collections, rewarded by won the Best Jungle Fever Costume.

Well, That's not easy wearing something sexy that will be "old minder" people topics for whole parties night, specially the costume with deep v cut showing most the chest part with short skirts on bottom, which not much guy will dare to wear it in this company.

Whatever is, costume party should be a event to get attention, creative and rewards, without this few points the party won't be fun anymore and pointless to call as costume party. So, is time to reformat your mind, "old minder" people.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jungle Fever Spring & Summer 2009

Trendsetter for Jungle fever Spring & Summer 2009, hunter and animals no more rule in the jungle fashion world. This year, 80s rocky stylish will be the must have in your collection...:-)

Party in Jungle Fever

Life is so busy until this party, economic crisis didn't effective our company traditional event going on. Same like the past years annual costume parties, this year party theme is "Jungle Fever".

Well, me, Ms. WY and Ms. J know that mostly people will attended the party with hunter or animals costume, we definitely need to away the frame for those "ideal costume". So, we decided giving a fresh look for "jungle" theme.

Ms. WY, me and Ms. J in jungle WILD rock star

Beside busy for own costume, Me and Ms. WY also need to input some ideas for the event decoration in "no budget". Yes, meaning of "no budget" is not means no limit of budget, is really RM0 budget....Because on that, I have to risk my life walk in to the real jungle to chop down some plants or leaves for decoration...Gosh!

We take a break after done all the decorations