Monday, March 23, 2009

Party in Jungle Fever

Life is so busy until this party, economic crisis didn't effective our company traditional event going on. Same like the past years annual costume parties, this year party theme is "Jungle Fever".

Well, me, Ms. WY and Ms. J know that mostly people will attended the party with hunter or animals costume, we definitely need to away the frame for those "ideal costume". So, we decided giving a fresh look for "jungle" theme.

Ms. WY, me and Ms. J in jungle WILD rock star

Beside busy for own costume, Me and Ms. WY also need to input some ideas for the event decoration in "no budget". Yes, meaning of "no budget" is not means no limit of budget, is really RM0 budget....Because on that, I have to risk my life walk in to the real jungle to chop down some plants or leaves for decoration...Gosh!

We take a break after done all the decorations

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JenniJane said...

hey i damn love this theme!!! so cool!