Saturday, May 23, 2009

Come away with me

Norah Jone's relaxing voice filling up my room while I am doing some packing for my holiday. Yes, is time to take a break, pack my self stay away from busy life a while, become an treasure at the full of mystery islands to finding joys and soul for continues my life journal.

That's no full service tour and flight in my trip journal, I love going budget travelling with my backpack, MP3 player and books, no time limit, no waiting, no rules, just being what I want on my journal. By using limited budget staying more days to get exposing more destinations, that will be most enjoying part in my trip. Perhaps, I will using the saving money for something that more unforgettable or having a nice local dishes bites. This time, I am decided treat my self better on this trip by spending staying in private villa with pool at this tropical land, enjoying the most closeup with sun in relax and lazy way.

"Come away with me....." Norah Jone's songs company me finishing my packing and waiting departure to airport....

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jamy said...

come back u b..