Sunday, June 28, 2009

Land of God Heaven Day 3&4

Bali's pancake

After two days being beach boy, I am pack my self moving to hill side of the islands, enjoying the mother nature landscape for another two days. The buses took about an hour reaching Ubud, rain drop welcome me to this hill down town, basically nothing much I can exploring in bad weather at late afternoon.

Back to sunny day

The next day, after had some local "pancake" breakfast, I am walking along the Monkey Forest Road to get visit The Monkey Forest Temple, one of the tourist place can't miss it at Ubud, which I can be close touching with wild monkeys.

The monkey god
Local people praying monkey as a god, mostly monkeys at Ubud is living as very much comfortable life in this forest. local here believe the holy spring in the Monkey Temple will protected them away from bad evil, too bad the temple is close when I am visit, if not I will give a try on my luck.

Closing with wild

After few hour closing up with wild monkeys and enjoying the forest spa, is almost noon time, I am can't wait to trying on the Ubud's must try dishes, the sucking pig at Ibu Oka which located not far from the Ubud main street.

The Ibu Oka sucking pig with rice
The sucking pig at Ubud is seem look like Chinese style BBQ pig, after trying a few bites, the taste is not that good like what I am expected, maybe I not a big fans of Balinese foods, I am still prefer the food with strong favor taste.
You never get lost at Ubud...

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