Monday, June 1, 2009

Land of Gods Heaven day1

Being wake up here and sleep in others, After 3 hours sitting on the air, the plane landing on this tropical islands with wet shower night. Rain drop still heavy falling when done crossing all the check points, I standing at the arrival hall searching my driver sending by the hotel. That's lot people holding card with guest name to welcome us, after spending few minutes, I found the card with my name.

While the car is on the way picking me back to hotel, I looking my watch is pointing 7.30pm, but the night here is dark as 8.30pm, the driver said day getting dark very early here. The street seem still look as same as my last visit 4 years ago, no faster change like those developed cities. Tiny road filling with lot of traffic plus with the heavy rain, make me took more longer time to reaching my home sweet home...

After about half an hour for 10km journal and check-in my room, the time already reach to 8.30pm. I am rushing my step to finding my first dinner in this beaches town, while walking under the rain to main street. How unfortunately is, the town is running out for power supply make the whole area in dark and wet like Sin City to welcome me for first night in this tropical islands.

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