Thursday, June 4, 2009

Land of Gods Heaven Day2

The worse happening never keep it go on forever, after a storm night, the weather back to as sunny as I thought. A warm sunlight wake me up on the second day of my holiday, is 7.30am in the morning, but the sunny day make me feel like getting almost noon time.

After the breakfast, I am decided back to the room and make a change to become a beach boy with my comfort sandal walk around the coastline. The beaches full of surfer waiting playing in big wave at early morning of 8.30am, I am get offering for surfing courses by the locals surf school along the beaches, but I not ready for it in this holiday, I decided keeping for my next visit.

Beach hopping and sun tan for half day, I take out some map to finding my lunch bite places which recommitted by some of blogger, the Bamboo Corner at Kuta Beach. Their special menu "Mini Lobster Special" is one of the most popular dish order.

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