Monday, June 29, 2009

New lover

Time: half an hour. Cost: four digits from my wallet. Joys: priceless.

I was mark it the final check to my packing and gadgets ready for my next trip. While I am checking my Fuji "baby", "FxxK"! my "baby" showing me in green with purple error image on live view panel, the CCD problem of my "baby" is evil me again.

It is not a first time my "baby" get "sick", I still remember that after a year bought it, my brand new "baby" already had CCD problem, as well same problem happening for other models too. Fujifilm has recall their products to fixing for free of cost. But, I send it my "baby" back to Fujifilm they cost me RM350, because they said my model is not on the list.

Nowday the DSRL is getting affordable, will pointless if I send it my old "baby" which only got 3.2 MB and cost me another 3 digits amount to fix it. So I make a decision to having a new relationship with this loving hotties Nikon "baby".

Sorry, Fuji "baby". We can't being together anymore, let's break out and move on baby!

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