Thursday, July 2, 2009

A life in Hong Kong

30, June 2009
3.00am. Alarm is beeping, make me up for get ready departure to airport. I seem not got out from sweet dreamland yet...Gosh! Think of idea of no more early flight for my next trip.

5.00am. I am already at The LCCT terminal McDonald's had my the most early breakfast in my life time for waiting to boarding at 7.00am flight. While I check-in my bags, the officer asking me that in my booking have two passenger names, where is another person? I sudden speechless, because I don't know to answering. Than I said I am really have no idea that the person with show up or not.

But in my heart, I guess I know the answer.

2.30pm. After check-in my room, I can't wait to starting my shopperholic at this sales heaven, took MTR to the D-Mop warehouse sales.

5.30pm. I am came out with a bag full with Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 collection which I only paid 30% for the price to own the last year creation, but M Store at Gardens Kuala Lumpur still putting as exclusive items.

9.00pm. Back to hotel putting down my "victories" from sales and took my gym bag went to Mongkok California Fitness for my training. Yes, I can't discontinues my progress, because I am still have long way to go for my perfect shape.

11.30pm. The gym here business until 12pm. While I am walk out to the street, still full of people enjoying the night.

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