Sunday, August 23, 2009


Every Friday night for me seem to be supering busy day and work until very very "early" to the next morning. To reward my self, I told Ms J, lets have a rich and luxury English afternoon tea tomorrow, shell we? After we point out few places, we decided go for Le Meridien.

The English afternoon tea set serve with free flow tea and coffee, just name it, they will preparing for you. Ms J is a "coffeeholic", so, she have no problem with caffeine, but I got "drunk" by caffeine whole night because of had too much difference coffees...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last drop of smell

Is seem just a bottle of perfume like others, to me this perfume is meaning something. I not sure whether you will read my post, beside the heart signs you send on the "F" web page, we have nothing in connection anymore after the fullstops of our relationship since one an half year ago.

I still keeping this special meaning gift by you even after that, the perfume is apart of our happy moment being together last time, I am remember you giving this to me during starting your new job at design company, you told me that you own one bottle too, said that is "our smell", so even we unable meet each other everyday, but the smell will keep attached each other make feeling like being together. On that time, I found it the sweet is filling my heart.

I always thought our relationship can stand longer as other, but maybe that will be only in my dream. Time can change someone mind, now I don't hate you anymore on what happening in our islands trip. Perhaps, my mind is getting blurry about you, nothing left beside this bottle of perfume. Finally, the last drop of smell has gone from the bottle, is time you be apart of my history...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to "Hollywood" and be "Celebrity"

Has been hear about the California Fitness will takeover by other gym club from friends. Today I went to the Lot 10 California club to find out the true story, after been confirm by the stuffs on the desk, me and other the members will officially takeover by Celebrity Fitness. Well, welcome to "Hollywood", we will be "celebrities" soon after this month, we will no longer able to using the oversea California clubs anymore, we will no longer "living" under Jacky Chan...

I really not sure is good or bad for those ex California Fitness members, business still is business, I will wait and see on next month.