Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snap & Shoot

Happy 35

I always have a dream, wishful someday able to celebrated my birthday at topical heaven with sun, sea and sand. My wish is come true this year, I had my 35 birthday celebration at the islands of Siam...

An hour before I still at Airport waiting for boarding. An hour after I am at the dream islands with blue sky and crystal sea.

Of course, birthday celebration can't miss it with cheers and wonderful bites with golden sunset. Mr E. kindness invited me for Germany Cuisine to celebrated my 35.

No matter day or night, islands life is full with exotic and erotic. Be exotic or erotic is up on choice and I had both for my 35...

Nothing can compare with having birthday celebration at dream islands with best buddy and friends. Thanks to Mr E, Mr&Mrs S, Ms J and Mr A for my happy 35...

Mr E and 35 old forks

Monday, September 14, 2009

Continues with bliss

Date: Lazy Sunday afternoon
Place: Somewhere at Pavillion

Continues countdown to welcome my 35 birthday

The signature drinks: Fruit tea punch for two...

... one for this gentleman to thank you for the lovely lunch

The signature desserts: Banana Chocolate cake, feeling fall in love after a bite...

...Happy ending with a cup of tea

Early birthday bliss

Date: Saturday night
Place: Somewhere located at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Time cycle has back to the start, I nearly crossing my 35 yet.

Celebrating with friends is priceless. Thank you to all of you make it a truly wonderful unforgettable moment