Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Krispy Kreme's Doughnut Twister

Very retro box design
Wednesday morning, our office has get "attacked" by 10++ boxes Krispy Kreme's doughnut send it by Berjaya Group to promoted the first Krispy Kreme shop will opening at Berjaya Times Square on 27 this month. Office starting alive again like cheery party after the boxes has opening, mostly everyone at the office in "sugar high" condition after a few doughnuts...
Original glazed is the most branding item of Krispy Kreme

When this doughnut shop opening at Tokyo in December 2006, Krispy Kreme has make Japanese crazing lining up few hours in cold weather just for get a box of doughnuts. Will the people here get crazy for this doughnut as well? we never know. People living in the town has did it before for J. CO Donuts and Big Apple Donuts few years ago, so is not surprise that "Doughnut Twister" will back again on this month.

I love your soften but hate your sweet...

Krispy Kreme's original glazed in Japan costs 160 yen (RM5.80), Hong Kong costs HKD10 (RM4.70), Philippines costs 34 peso (RM2.57) and they will selling here in RM2.50. Of course the most cheaper Krispy Kreme doughnut in Asia is the shops at Indonesia, only cost Rp 5.800 (RM1.85). So, I will give a bite on my Bali trip next month, to find out the difference.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

shop and shoes

I am promise my self that not do any shopping until the Bali and Hong Kong holidays on next coming two months, but once again, I lost control it on the sale. Well, a pair of leather sport shoes only cost RM139 after a big discount, I think is good deal to get it and wearing for gym. Yeah! I am trying to find some good reason to make myself feel less guilty.

After a "confession" for my spending behavior by myself, start from now I will try to promise my self saving some extra travel funds and try not to "touching" too much on my bank account for the next two months...