Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A letter for Ms J.

Dear Ms. J,
Went to M.J store this evening, basically nothing much choice for Special Item, only left some unwanted plastic sandal, fake stone rings and very "Mickey" bags which we seem before.

By the way, can't take any pictures for the items, because the sales girl keep following me like a I am a piece of meat.

Guess we need take a tour to New York than.

Mr. C

Monday, June 29, 2009

New lover

Time: half an hour. Cost: four digits from my wallet. Joys: priceless.

I was mark it the final check to my packing and gadgets ready for my next trip. While I am checking my Fuji "baby", "FxxK"! my "baby" showing me in green with purple error image on live view panel, the CCD problem of my "baby" is evil me again.

It is not a first time my "baby" get "sick", I still remember that after a year bought it, my brand new "baby" already had CCD problem, as well same problem happening for other models too. Fujifilm has recall their products to fixing for free of cost. But, I send it my "baby" back to Fujifilm they cost me RM350, because they said my model is not on the list.

Nowday the DSRL is getting affordable, will pointless if I send it my old "baby" which only got 3.2 MB and cost me another 3 digits amount to fix it. So I make a decision to having a new relationship with this loving hotties Nikon "baby".

Sorry, Fuji "baby". We can't being together anymore, let's break out and move on baby!

New look

Time: half an hour. Creative: priceless.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Land of God Heaven Day 3&4

Bali's pancake

After two days being beach boy, I am pack my self moving to hill side of the islands, enjoying the mother nature landscape for another two days. The buses took about an hour reaching Ubud, rain drop welcome me to this hill down town, basically nothing much I can exploring in bad weather at late afternoon.

Back to sunny day

The next day, after had some local "pancake" breakfast, I am walking along the Monkey Forest Road to get visit The Monkey Forest Temple, one of the tourist place can't miss it at Ubud, which I can be close touching with wild monkeys.

The monkey god
Local people praying monkey as a god, mostly monkeys at Ubud is living as very much comfortable life in this forest. local here believe the holy spring in the Monkey Temple will protected them away from bad evil, too bad the temple is close when I am visit, if not I will give a try on my luck.

Closing with wild

After few hour closing up with wild monkeys and enjoying the forest spa, is almost noon time, I am can't wait to trying on the Ubud's must try dishes, the sucking pig at Ibu Oka which located not far from the Ubud main street.

The Ibu Oka sucking pig with rice
The sucking pig at Ubud is seem look like Chinese style BBQ pig, after trying a few bites, the taste is not that good like what I am expected, maybe I not a big fans of Balinese foods, I am still prefer the food with strong favor taste.
You never get lost at Ubud...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Land of God Heaven Day2 evening

Eating and resting, that's the holiday all about.

Having afternoon tea with sunset will be a perfect match for being living at beach side. Celsius Cafe is the perfect place for my lazy afternoon with cooling temperature, refreshment icy drinks and dessert.
Laying on the soft pillows with relaxing music make me almost falling in dream, it is what I am looking for in this holiday, no rushing plan, just spending most of the time do nothing beside seeing the wonderful sunset.

The night is begin after the sunset, to have a unforgettable moment at Kuta Beach, I am decided go to Papa's Cafe along the beach side having Italian food for my dinner. The cafe is located at roof top, which I can still smell the wind, listening the sound from the sea.

Candle dinner with live band love song, what I can say...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Land of Gods Heaven Day2

The worse happening never keep it go on forever, after a storm night, the weather back to as sunny as I thought. A warm sunlight wake me up on the second day of my holiday, is 7.30am in the morning, but the sunny day make me feel like getting almost noon time.

After the breakfast, I am decided back to the room and make a change to become a beach boy with my comfort sandal walk around the coastline. The beaches full of surfer waiting playing in big wave at early morning of 8.30am, I am get offering for surfing courses by the locals surf school along the beaches, but I not ready for it in this holiday, I decided keeping for my next visit.

Beach hopping and sun tan for half day, I take out some map to finding my lunch bite places which recommitted by some of blogger, the Bamboo Corner at Kuta Beach. Their special menu "Mini Lobster Special" is one of the most popular dish order.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Land of Gods Heaven day1

Being wake up here and sleep in others, After 3 hours sitting on the air, the plane landing on this tropical islands with wet shower night. Rain drop still heavy falling when done crossing all the check points, I standing at the arrival hall searching my driver sending by the hotel. That's lot people holding card with guest name to welcome us, after spending few minutes, I found the card with my name.

While the car is on the way picking me back to hotel, I looking my watch is pointing 7.30pm, but the night here is dark as 8.30pm, the driver said day getting dark very early here. The street seem still look as same as my last visit 4 years ago, no faster change like those developed cities. Tiny road filling with lot of traffic plus with the heavy rain, make me took more longer time to reaching my home sweet home...

After about half an hour for 10km journal and check-in my room, the time already reach to 8.30pm. I am rushing my step to finding my first dinner in this beaches town, while walking under the rain to main street. How unfortunately is, the town is running out for power supply make the whole area in dark and wet like Sin City to welcome me for first night in this tropical islands.