Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discount victim

Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 designer shoes, I never thought I can afford it to wearing step on floor. RM218.55, after 80% off

Alexander Mcqueen's MQ design-cut T-shirts. I can imagine how much profit Lane Crawford gain if they sold out as original price. RM93, after 80% off

Emporio Armani's T-shirts. I am not a big fans of Armani, but what the hell, the price is cheap. RM67, after 85% off

Hong Kong local designer V neck shirts. My Hong Kong's friend bring me discovery the local creative. RM73, after 50% off

Biotherm Homme Age Fitness. Get it at the Airport duty free store, I really needed now at this age. RM288, after RM25 off

Diesel's cap. This brand still unable get it here, thank you warehouse sales. RM39, after 85% off

H&M's shirts. The H&M sales really drive me crazy. RM27.76, after 70% off

Diesel's leather boots. I am ready for Autumn/Winter 2009. RM103, after 85% off

Zara man's gladiator shoes. The most hit item of Zara Man summer collection, sold out at KL stores or even Hong Kong. I am able get it because this pair is window display item. RM182.35, after 30% off

Hugo Boss underwear. I will wearing for dating....:) RM31.25, after 85% off

Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 designer beach bag. Finally I am own it. RM274, after 80% off

Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 key ring. A perfect match to atteched on my beach bag. RM79, after 80% off
Plus some few more items which not in the pictures, I am total spending RM1666 become as discount victim.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hong Kong's short living

The plane landing on 1.30 am, Wednesday morning. I am ending up my short living at Hong Kong and back home.

Being living at piece of tiny lands with seven million population, less space and privacy, will be my is one of the priceless experience, like living at a space less room with bathroom which only nearly about 10"X 6". Because on the tiny space, I got awake by early "naughty morning call" with knocking sound from next room, that's totally alive and so clear until I able to counting how much time the lover spending play on the "naughty fight".

Is not easy working and living here, Hong Kong's people get double of income than what I got, but don't be invidiousness on it, because living cost here seem double on it too comparing my home land. Having a meal cost HKD26 to 35 with drinks, which the lower budget meal at this city, while I paid only RM7.00 (HKD15) per meal at home land.

Petrol at Hong Kong selling for HKD13.87 per litre. car in Hong Kong is a daily luxury item, driving by own car in this tiny busy traffic land is really burning the wallet. So, taking taxi or MTR is one of the good choice for local people. I guess I will love my old car much from now.

Shopping at Hong Kong is the most crazy experience I had specially during department store warehouse sales, most the luxury price item will drop to good price get afford it. Hong Kong's economic crisis seem effective badly plus the H1N1 flu now make most the department store and retails clearing up the stocks and keep the cash flow.

Beside working, I think I am really bring my self into Hong Kong's local daily life. I choose living at local community area, went to fresh market and local cafes for my foods and meals. Shopping at warehouse sales which only local will know, crazy buying discount items as much as local people, visit around by taking buses, tram and star ferries crossing between Hong Kong islands and Kowloon.

Human need to living in group sometime, so do I. I get meet few Hong Kong friends during the short living, must thank you for them to bring me explorer the hidden side of this metropolitan city. Without them my trip won't be so fun and joy full, I will never discovery so much on this city without their direction.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A life in Hong Kong

30, June 2009
3.00am. Alarm is beeping, make me up for get ready departure to airport. I seem not got out from sweet dreamland yet...Gosh! Think of idea of no more early flight for my next trip.

5.00am. I am already at The LCCT terminal McDonald's had my the most early breakfast in my life time for waiting to boarding at 7.00am flight. While I check-in my bags, the officer asking me that in my booking have two passenger names, where is another person? I sudden speechless, because I don't know to answering. Than I said I am really have no idea that the person with show up or not.

But in my heart, I guess I know the answer.

2.30pm. After check-in my room, I can't wait to starting my shopperholic at this sales heaven, took MTR to the D-Mop warehouse sales.

5.30pm. I am came out with a bag full with Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 collection which I only paid 30% for the price to own the last year creation, but M Store at Gardens Kuala Lumpur still putting as exclusive items.

9.00pm. Back to hotel putting down my "victories" from sales and took my gym bag went to Mongkok California Fitness for my training. Yes, I can't discontinues my progress, because I am still have long way to go for my perfect shape.

11.30pm. The gym here business until 12pm. While I am walk out to the street, still full of people enjoying the night.