Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pasta Pasta

Close friend of mine BB text me said get discover a new pasta restaurant during on the gym session. Than I check it on calender, damn! is middle of the month, if we continues having good foods, we might have to live in pain with litter cash in this month budget.

A day after. I saw this print ad on the newspaper, they have opening promotion which 100% RETURN voucher for what you spending on the bill. As a smart consumer, I think that's good offer for spending less get good foods. So, lets go to PASTA de GOHAN...

When we arrive, the restaurant is full house not available for walk-in, we have to take number get the table. The restaurant design is same like another counties, they have showing their pasta menus in front of the entry.

After 10 minutes, we got the table. The interior space is deco by display the pasta dishes mounting on main walls, modern Japanese style with warm lighting, kind of family friendly restaurant. But if you plan have a date there, please find another restaurant.

PASTA de GOHAN is franchise of PASTA de WARAKU. The menu basically is Japanese style Italian fusions, pasta and pizza is their main course. Since the promotion with return 100% voucher, so we decided paying for RM85 order the most expensive "lobster pasta" and "gratin set" plus drinks for our dinner, which get it back same value voucher for our second time visit...

The taste of foods is a bit light then the normal Italian cuisine, but food is fresh and healthy, its concept of PASTA de GOHAN dishes. Out of 10 point, I will give 7 point.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: (603) 5621 8166
Gratin set start with corn soup

Italian dressing salad

Seafood gratin

Bacon spinach soup fettucine

Lobster pasta

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